Hello Paul,

We met back in October when you and your prayer team brought Padre Pio’s glove and prayed with me the week I was diagnosed with cancer. I’m still considered Stage 4, but hanging in there and still working.

I’m a TV Producer and am producing a new talk show about the mysterious. We will be tackling a variety of topics, mixing in lots of humor with the serious.

Our host is Uncle Jimmy, the longtime sidekick of Jason Whitlock (from ESPN, FoxSports.) I produced Jason’s show the past year before branching out with this venture.

We’d like to have you on via webcam to talk about Padre Pio TUESDAY APRIL 4. It would be about a 40-minute interview. We would cover the new movie coming out in June about St. Pio, as well as a bit about his life, and specifically miracles you have witnessed. This is not a Catholic show, so you would be reaching a new audience.

I hope we can work it out! Either way, keep fighting the good fight.


Chris Foley

Supervising Producer, JimSpiracy

Donate to Chris Foley /stage 4 cancer: https://www.givesendgo.com/G9EY1

or by mail – Chris Foley, 1204 Harpeth Lake Court, Nashville, TN 37221