Prayer Requests

pray hope and don't worry

This is a place for you to request prayers in the comments section so that the people of this group can pray for you.

134 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. For those victims of the bombing in Nashville. Pray for the opening of hearts and the triumph of Love and Peace over the counterfeits of evil. May the Spirit of Christmas prevail over the tyranny of ungrateful men.
    May your Grace fill your children with joy and protect us from the anger and violence of this age of sorrow and plague… Amen

  2. Asking for prayers for my husband Ralph, my children ,Ralph Jr, his wife Lucy and children Alice,Theo and my son Sean wife Deb, and children Maddie,Rachel,Emily and my two daughters Nicolle and Courtney. And for my self ,I am trying to stop smoking. Our family has division our oldest son Ralph Jr. will not speak with his father and I. We we do not understand why . My husband is under spiritual attack. Also please pray my sister who 86 years old and is away from the Church. And prayers for my nephew Gus and his son Augustus. Thank you so much. Mary

  3. Please pray for the conversion/healing of Laura de Lara, the healing of Julissa Salazar of lupus, Pablo Tirado, and Gina Herrera. Thank you so much.

  4. Dear Friends in Christ Please pray that I may be freed from remaining Covid symptoms namely heart palpitations and sweating, breathlessness and fatigue. I dearly wish to be restored to full health so I can care for my 5 little ones . God Bless you all, Pauline (Ireland)

  5. Please pray for my emotional healing. I have not known or embraced who I am as a person because of the bullying that I have gone through in the past as a kid. Please pray that I can be so happy for who God made me to be.

    • If you want to really be healed, it entails forgiveness of the bullies that hurt you. As an act of your will from the bottom of your heart if you can forgive them and pray for them God will pour healing over you. I will be praying for your healing.

  6. I have been having very bad shoulder and wrist pains for a while now and I would appreciate it if you could pray for me.

  7. My life has been ruined by my sins. I have caused a horrific situation. I have been living in denial of the greed and sin in my life until it has become completely out of control. I have allowed processions and messed-up thinking to destroy so much. I fear serious, grievous harm to my family and others. I fear I have lost salvation by allowing greed to take over. Please pray that GOD will forgive me and that I can belong to Christ. Please pray that GOD will protect and save my family.

  8. Please pray for my dentist appointment to go great. There is a suspicious white patch under my tongue. Praying for a miracle. Also for my ultra sound to be benign.

  9. Please pray for spiritual, physical and mental health healing for Eileen, Ralph and Michael so that they may take action to provide for themselves before it is too late.
    Thank you.

  10. 1. For the end of the Covid virus, that vaccination passports, unjust mandates and forced vaccinations be stopped and rescinded, so that our God given liberty and human freedom always be respected, and that wise and just laws always prevail in the world.

    2. That I be graced to be a very good listener and communicator, that I also be graced to be a very good, holy, and faithful priest with my Marian Community, and that my ordination day be October 1st, 2022.

  11. Prayer Request:

    Please remember Eric McDonald in your prayers.
    Please pray for Eric’s conversion and salvation.
    Please Pray God to give Eric the grace to turn to Jesus Christ, repent, and be saved.


    “Holy Mother, please inspirer in Eric McDonald’s heart a real love for The Savior. Please help Eric to understand God’s love that placed His Son Jesus Christ on the cross. Yes, it was for God’s love for Eric..For God so loved Eric ( the world), as to give his only begotten Son… Please pray that the Holy Spirit will enliven and wake in Eric a true knowledge of salvation and a real desire to be saved. Please pray for Eric’s conversion.
    Please encourage great faith and hope in Jesus Christ.
    Please defend and protect Eric in the name of Jesus Christ Amen”

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