Monthly Talks

Dn Hernan Andrade on Community

Padre Pio community Susan Skinner on Divine Mercy

divine mercy St Faustina

Fr. Emmanuel Dirichukwu on Divine Mercy

divine mercy padre pio 2

Jansen Bagwell’s Protestant Pastor to Catholic Conversion Story

Conversion padre pio

For more Info regarding Jansen Bagwell:

Fr. Dan Rehil’s Conversion Story


Missy Mann on Inner Healing

Padre Pio Inner Healing

Leah Fish on Charisms

Padre Pio Charisms

Fr. Dan Rehil on Listening Prayer

listening prayer

Paul Chen’s Atheist Conversion Story – Praise

St Pio Praise

Gino Dalessandro on Virtue

Padre Pio Virtue


David Bilger on GratitudePadre Pio Gratitude 2


Deanna and Joe Budd and Dianne Leaver on JournalingPadre Pio Journaling



Karyn Green on ScripturePadre Pio Scripture Pic



Susan Skinner’s on Prayer

Padre Pio Prayer Pic